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ECITY PRODUCTION HOUSE上海意想文化传播有限公司成立于2007年,是国内成立最早的摄影师经纪公司。公司团队成员凭借多年的广告及时尚领域的从业经验,与国内外众多广告界及商业客户建立了密切友好的合作关系。




ECITY PRODUCTION HOUSE, founded in 2007, is the earliest photographer agency in China.With many years of experience in the field of advertising, the team members have established close and friendly cooperative relations with many advertising circles and business customers at home and abroad.

From the company since its establishment in 2007, ECITY always adopt internationalization operation mode, committed to the integration of resources, with many domestic and foreign outstanding photographer, makeup modelling team and experienced creative team, for the creation of the different customer demand to provide a wider choice.

Colleagues, we filmed for photographers both at home and abroad to provide the required production as a whole, can make the photographer more fully into photography, for creation of a higher level of work to provide maximum protection.

We are committed to focusing on the interests of customers, fully understanding the needs of customers, and working to effectively communicate with each other to improve the brand value of customers and actively expand the win-win cooperation space.

hold on consistently and persistently 专业意味着有所坚持

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